What Areas do we Service

We service areas of your yard to your specifications.  Areas might include your front or back yard, landscaped areas, driveways, walkways & patios.  

Gates and Fences

We’re on Doodie will need to have access to any gates on the property. Keeping the gates unlocked or providing alternate access will allow for service to be completed on time. 

Can My Dog Be In The Yard During Service

Yes.  We love playing with the dogs before, during and after service.  If your dog has any reservations about us being on their territory we ask that they hang out inside while we quickly complete the service.

How Will I Know If My Yard Has Been Serviced

Upon request We're on Doodie provides a Pre-Service and or Post-Service Courtesy call or text.

Are We’re on Doodie’s Tools Clean

Yes! All equipment used in the process of servicing your property are cleaned with water and a disinfectant solution reducing the spread of disease.


Pricing will very depending on the number of dogs and the size of the area to be cleaned.  


Invoices are sent via email on the 1st of the month.  Payments are due within 15 days.  Payments can be made online or mailed in.

Late Payments

We’re on Doodie does not charge “Late Fees”.  If payments are not made by the 15 Day Net period the customers service will be suspended until payment is made.  The customer will have to pay the full amount due to reinstate service.  The customer will pay the regular service fee for the services missed following the suspension.

Suspension of Service

A customer who’s service is suspended will be notified via email. 

Barriers to Service

If We’re on Doodie is at a customers property but is unable to perform service due to locked gates or aggressive dogs in the service area the customer will be charge for a full service.

Does We're on Doodie Guarantee 100% Satisfaction

Yes.  We're on Doodie has a 24 hour Re-Service Guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your service just contact We're on Doodie via Text, Email or Voicemail within 24 hours of the completion of that service.  We will come out and Re-Scoop at no additional charge.


We’re on Doodie does not perform service in the rain.  Customers are notified via text or email if service is suspended due to rain.


If We’re on Doodie is unable to perform service due to rain or other acts of God service will be suspended until the following week.  If the following week’s pet waste has accumulated the customer will be charged a $5 Accumulation Fee.

No Service Days

We’re On Doodie observes the following holidays and will not provide normally scheduled services on those days.    

- New Years Day

- President's Day

- Memorial Day

- Independence Day

- Labor Day

- Veteran's Day

- Thanksgiving Day

- Christmas Eve

- Christmas Day